Description: Vanilla Kush placed second in the 2009 overall Cannabis Cup, an accolade that speaks to its appealing combination of creamy flavors and potent effect. Kushes are known for their high THC levels, and this strain delivers a potent and long lasting high that is particularly strong in its physical effects. This strain induces a strong sense of relaxation, easing muscle tension, which appeals to many medical marijuana users. In smaller amounts, the mental effect is euphoric and thoughtful, yet relaxed. Heavy indulgence strengthens the effects, leading to a trippy and potentially sleepy tunnel vision that may cause couchlock or napping.

A cross Afghan and Kashmir strains. Notes of vanilla, lavender, and citrus. Strong sense of relaxation, eases muscle tension, and overall well-being.


THC 21.9% CBD .37%

Genetics: Bred from Afghani and Kashmiri strains

Taste: Vanilla and sweet with a hint of lavender

Medicinal Uses: Good strain for patients suffering from fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain headaches, and insomnia.