With over 50 years of experience, I can say with no reservations, Fruit of the Earth Organics offers THE BEST products I have ever had. Many strains to choose from but my top favorites right now are Agent Orange and Crazy Train. Over the top but mellow. DELIGHT FULL!!! Thank you !!!
My girlfriend and I met the couple who runs this amazing place a year ago, and I finally got to stop by for the first time after a snowboarding trip to Santa Fe. They have amazing bud understanding and educated staff and a comfortable setting that makes the dispensary feel very tranquil and calm. The service was much appreciated and I will definitely be returning soon.
The best people in the world... also the most friendly. Love you all.. thanks for being here.. it is truly a wonderful and memorable experience with all of the staff... they are like my extended family.
With the all-organic edibles and the delicious flavors of sun grown flowers, I highly recommend Fruit of the Earth Organics. Bless!
Great strains with distinct flavor and effects. The staff and customer service are awesome. FYI I just tried the "Chocolope" strain and it's off the hook! Thanks
Great organic medicine. Great positive people who are very helpful.