We have four cannabis tincture formulas that use a dozen medicinal herbs in conjunction with Cannabis and CBD extract. We have a Pain, Sleep, and Anti-Anxiety Formula. Put a dropperful under your tongue, hold it there for 3-4 minutes, swallow and feel result in about 10-15 minutes.

We have different tincture options available, both targeted cannabis tinctures that combine other medicinal herbs, and CBD/THC combinations in an olive oil base.

THC and CBD are said to work best in combination in equal proportions, so we have created two strengths:

  • 125mg THC/125mg CBD – $35.00
  • 250mg THC/250 mg CBD.- $70.00

Targeted Herbal Cannabis Tinctures include:

  • 120mg Pain Tincture with 10-12 pain relieving herbs     – $40.00
  • 120mg Anti-Anxiety Tincture with 10 calming herbs – $40.00
  • 120mg Sleep Tincture with 10-12 sleep inducing herbs – $40.00