This is our Jack Diesel Available for a limited time. Max THC 23.72% CBD 1.01%! Call in orders to make sure we can put some aside for you.

Description: Jack Diesel is a very happy, hungry, and relaxed strain with potent, long-lasting effects. The uplifting sativa buzz is reminiscent of Haze varieties, generating immediate relaxation followed by an energetic rush that stimulates creativity along with your appetite.

A cross of Jack Herer & NYC Diesel, carries a mix of floral and diesel aromas that bring on potent, long-lasting effects.


Genetics: Jack Diesel crosses two mainstays in the cannabis world, Jack Herer and NYC Diesel

Taste: A pungent mix of floral and diesel aromas. Its woody flavors are intertwined with sweet hints of fruit.

Medicinal Uses: Depression, stress, lack of appetite, eye pressure and fatigue.