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a licensed New Mexico Medical Cannabis Producer located in Santa Fe, serving all of New Mexico.

At Fruit of the Earth Organics we are committed to growing organically in the sunshine, respecting the Earth and her own natural process. A recent study revealed that indoor medical cannabis production currently consumes as much energy as 20 MILLION HOMES and 30 MILLION CARS! We will never be part of that, and believe it is important at this time to honor the needs of our beautiful planet by acknowledging climate change and a need for energy conservation. This is why we grow outdoors in the sun, and all of our soils are created with compost teas, beneficial microorganisms, and natural fertilization processes. We take the time to flush and cure our medicine properly. We use only Earth friendly packaging, with recyclable tins, or bio-plastics (made from plants and compostable), and all of our Medical Cannabis is guaranteed organic, hand grown with love, consciousness, and clear intention – to create the most healing, effective natural medicine available. 

WITH THE ABUNDANCE OF OUR HARVEST WE ARE NOW ABLE TO OFFER SOME $10 GRAMS, with TOP SHELF STRAINS AT $12 GRAM, AND NO PURCHASE LIMITS! It has been our goal to make our medicine more affordable and accessible. We are excited to be New Mexico's only year round sun grown outdoor producer, and recently won the SUSTAINABLE SANTA FE AWARDS!

We provide a many different strains to choose from, each with different properties formulated to address different sets of symptoms. Please call our shop to find out the strains of the day, and feel free to order by phone to reserve what you want for later pickup. Things do sell out during the course of a day.
Our strains include: Strawberry/Banana, Mango Diesel, Tangie, Afghani Blackberry, Master Kush, Soda Berries and Jazz, Agent Orange, OG Ghost Train, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, White Lavender (cross White Widow and Lavender!), Pineapple Skunk, Qrazy Train, Sharkberry, Jilly Bean, Critical CBD, Critical Hog, Jack Diesel, Critical Jack, Ripped Bubba, and Caramel.


We invite you to become a registered Fruit of the Earth patient when you come in to pick up your first order. 
For questions or directions call (505)310-7917, or drop us an email to order at fruitoftheearthorganics@gmail.com.

We also offer strain specific hash oil, the latest and highest quality vaporizer pens, tinctures and salves, specific miligram capsules, and all organic sugar-free, gluten-free but flavorful edibles. Our office is located at 901 Early Street, just a couple blocks from the corner of St. Francis and Cerrillos. If you're headed up Cerrillos Road towards the mountains and downtown Santa Fe, you would go throught the intersection and light at Cerrillos Road, and the very next little street on the right is Early Street. Turn right and go two blocks and you'll see us on the left on the corner, with a bamboo fence and iron gate.

Within our website we are providing a resource center of information for our patients, offering a wide variety of video clips and articles that relate to the healing properties and curing powers of medical cannabis, the history of medical cananbis, and instruction on how to prepare your own edible or ingestible cannabis remedies.

Recent quotes from Patients:
"Just wanted to let you know how good and perfect your strains are. Definitely the best strains I have gotten from anyone. Good growing. Thank you, and I look forward to ordering from you again. It worked wonders!"

"This is by far the most powerful and fragrant medicine I have ever experienced. Thanks Fruit of the Earth, I can't wait to try more!"

An actual photo taken of our new harvest
standing on top of a ladder
looking down over a sea of flowers!

Fruit of the Ea